I would love to live the rest of my life like this tbh

Looking sharp as ever!

QuestionWhaat! :o He don't have a Girlfriend, i can't belive it.. Answer

He is me btw lol

I’m gonna miss those nice summer days

QuestionThought if say hi and tell you your like gorgeousūüėĪ Answer

Lol aww thank you

QuestionI have Seen some pics From him and he's very nice*-* his Gf must To be very happy To have him. Answer

I don’t have an girlfriend though

QuestionDo you have a nice pic from Soho? And by the way you Are Nice‚̧have a good day Answer

Thank you and yeah I probably do, why?

That group of friends where memories are made
A pack of bros

Tomorrow is the last day of summer, where did it go?

forrce Asked
Questionjust dropping by to say hi c: Answer

Heyyy! :)

QuestionDo you have Kik?(: Answer

Yeah I do, its:

QuestionOmg you're so Hot ily‚ô° Answer


I’m going to be active on twitter again so follow me @ rockysanabria

Honestly just happy to be alive

Mark twain once said “You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.”